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The Company

Initiated with a small scale business in the 80's, we used to be a client of sheet metal machinery. We used over 60 machines for the Electrical stamping process along with other job works. Then we decided to engage in the manufacturing of Sheet metal machines. We are a reckoned manufacturer of Shearing Machines, Metal Shearing Machines, presses, press brakes and various kinds of sheet metal machinery.

In the year 2000, we expanded the area allotted to the machine production by reaching 3000 sq meters between the office set up and the productive unit. We are thinking to expand the present set up by 3000 sq meters so as to get acquainted with the latest manufacturing techniques.

Our company works on the principle of customer relationship management while continually investing in human resources, to remain competitive in the market and be a reliable partner for the clients. 

The Organization

Our company has adopted the policy of continuous improvement to be ensured at all levels of the company. Vivek is a well organized company which ascertains an unmatched sales presence in both technologically advanced states as well as those undergoing industrialization.

For this purpose, the company takes help of its sales agents, distributors and resellers network, who are assisted by the sales staff of the firm. Vivek has employed best staff for its technical department to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

The Design

The company's technical department is engaged in developing new solutions that are proposed by the clients or company itself. This is done with the help of mechanical and electric designers who utilize modern technology and experience.

With the help of calculation systems and CAD, best designs definition can be easily obtained in details along with the structural components test through analysis of finished elements.

The Production

With the support of Machine Tools Yard, all the Mechanical Workings of the Particulars can be done through the workshop.

Quality is of prime importance in VIVEKs Products. Its Important Sources are used to keeping Up-to-Date Machine Tools and equipment for the assembly and all Measurement Equipments.

Various tests of the worked Particulars are done at the end of the production process and to assure that the product is in accordance to the design specifications.

Major Products

  • Power Press Machine
    • 'C' Type Power Press (Fixed Body)
    • Inclinable Type
    • Pillar Type (H-Frame Type)
    • Special Purpose Presses
    • Deep Drawing Press (Only Hydraulic)
    • Forging Presses
  • Shearing Machines
    • Over Crank Shearing Machine (Mechanical)
    • Under Crank Shearing Machine (Mechanical)
    • Fixed Rack Angle Shearing Machine (Hydraulic)
    • Variable Rack Shearing Machine (Hydraulic)
    • Special Cutting and Punching Shearing Machine (Both Hydraulic and Mechanical)
  • Press Brake Machine
    • Mechanical Press Brake
    • Hydraulic Press Brake
    • Pneumatic Press Brake

Special Fittings

All Presses, Shearing Machines, Press Brakes manufactured by VIVEK can be Equipped and configured, as per the request, with Electronic, Pneumatic or Mechanical Feeders, along with Traditional or Compact Feeding Lines.

The Service

VIVEK has invested significantly in both Human Resources and in Equipment for the Post-Sales Services also, so as to set up a sustainable relationship with customers.

Utmost attention has been paid in developing the right Mentality of its Assistance Personnel, so that it is possible to establish best contacts with the client, by putting forth a large quantity spare parts storage facility. Client satisfaction is the foremost concern at VIVEK.

The Goals, VIVEK is famous for:

Ensure Maximum Productivity in the shortest time possible.

Decrease to the Minimum the Standstill Time of the Machine for Technical Assistance.

Best Quality Product at cost effective Prices.